IPCS/EC Evaluation of Antidotes Series
          provides definitive and authoritative guidance on the use
          of antidotes to treat poisoning.  The International Programme
          on Chemical Safety (IPCS) and the Commission of the European
          Union (EC) are jointly undertaking a major project to evaluate
          antidotes used clinically in the treatment of poisoning.  The
          aim of this project is to identify and evaluate for the first
          time in a scientific and rigorous way the efficacy and use of
          a wide range of antidotes. This series summarises and assesses,
          on an antidote-by-antidote basis, their clinical use, mode of
          action and efficacy. The aim is to provide an authoritative
          consensus statement which will greatly assist in the selection
          and administration of an appropriate antidote.  This scientific
          assessment is complemented by detailed clinical information
          on routes of administration, contra-indications and precautions.
          The series collates a wealth of useful information which will
          be of immense practical use to clinical toxicologists and all
          those involved in the treatment and management of poisoning.
          The IPCS/EC Antidotes Series are published by Cambridge
          University Press and hard copies can be obtained from Cambridge
          University Press, Cambridge CB2 2RU, England.

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