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VOL.: 27 (1982) (p. 227)

CAS No.: 156-10-5
Chem. Abstr. Name: Benzenamine, 4-nitroso-N-phenyl-

5. Summary of Data Reported and Evaluation

5.1 Experimental data

para-Nitrosodiphenylamine (technical grade) was tested in mice and rats by dietary administration. It produced lesions described as neoplastic nodules in the livers of male rats. The results of the study in mice were inconclusive.

No data on the mutagenicity of para-nitrosodiphenylamine were available.

5.2 Human data

para-Nitrosodiphenylamine has been produced commercially since at least 1970. Its use as a chemical intermediate could result in occupational exposure.

No case report or epidemiological study was available to the Working Group.

5.3 Evaluation

The available data are insufficient for an evaluation of the carcinogenicity of para-nitrosodiphenylamine in experimental animals.

In view of the few data in experimental animals and in the absence of data on humans, no evaluation of the carcinogenicity of para-nitrosodiphenylamine to humans could be made.

Subsequent evaluation: Suppl. 7 (1987) (p. 68: Group 3)


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