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(Group 2A)

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VOL.: 71 (1999) (p. 1405)

CAS No.: 98503-29-8
Chem. Abstr. Name: Sulfuric acid, diethyl ester

5. Evaluation

There is inadequate evidence for the carcinogenicity in humans of diethyl sulfate.

There is sufficient evidence for the carcinogenicity of diethyl sulfate in experimental animals.

Overall evaluation

Diethyl sulfate is probably carcinogenic to humans (Group 2A).

In making the overall evaluation, the Working Group took into account that diethyl sulfate is a strong direct-acting alkylating agent which ethylates DNA and that, as a result, it is genotoxic in virtually all test systems examined, including induction of potent effects in somatic and germ cells of mammals exposed in vivo.

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Previous evaluation: Vol. 54 (1992)

Last updated: 13 April 1999

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