Summary of Evaluations Performed by the
Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives

JECFA No.: 1592
Chemical names: ACETAMIDE
Functional class: FLAVOURING AGENT
Latest evaluation: 2005
Comments: The Committee noted that the available toxicity data for this substance indicated that it was clearly carcinogenic in both mice and rats, and although the mechanism of tumour formation is unknown, the possibility of a genotoxic mechanism cannot be discounted. The Committee considered it inappropriate for such a compound to be used as a flavouring agent or for any other food additive purpose, and agreed that acetamide would not be evaluated according to the Procedure for the Safety Evaluation of Flavouring Agents.
Report: TRS 934-JECFA 65/89
Specifications: NOT PREPARED
Tox monograph: FAS for JECFA 65 in press
31 Jan 06    

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