Summary of Evaluations Performed by the
Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives

COE No.: 13044
FEMA No.: 2495
JECFA No.: 1511
Chemical names: 4-(2-FURYL)BUT-3-EN-2-ONE
Functional class: FLAVOURING AGENT
Latest evaluation: 2005
Comments: The Committee took note of the extensive positive genotoxicity data for several members of this group of flavouring agents related to furan. Furan, which is carcinogenic, is known to undergo epoxidation and ring opening to form a reactive 2-ene-1,4-dicarbonyl intermediate. Accordingly, concern arises that the observed genotoxicity may be due to formation of a reactive metabolite. Data on the potential of members of this group to form a reactive metabolite were not available and the role of metabolism in the observed genotoxicity has not been identified. Moreover, there was a paucity of in vivo genotoxicity data to allay concern. Also, specific in vivo assays to address potential carcinogenicity were lacking. Because of these concerns, the Committee concluded that the Procedure for the Safety Evaluation of Flavouring Agents could not be applied to this group.
Report: TRS 934-JECFA 65/42
Specifications: COMPENDIUM ADDENDUM 13/FNP 52 Add. 13/58
Tox monograph: FAS for JECFA 65 in press
31 Jan 06    

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