ANNEX 2


    ADI            acceptable daily intake
    ALP            alkaline phosphatase
    AUC            area under the curve

    bST            bovine somatotropin
    BUN            blood urea nitrogen
    bw             body-weight

    CHO            Chinese hamster ovary
    Ci             Curie
    CMC            carboxymethyl cellulose
    CNS            central nervous system

    d              day
    DAO            diamine oxidase
    DNA            deoxyribonucleic acid

    ECG            electrocardiogram

    F              female
    FAO            Food and Agriculture Organization of the United

    GOT            glutamate-oxalate-transminase
    GPT            glutamate-pyruvate-transminase
    GSH            glutathione

    h              hour
    HPLC           high performance liquid chromatography

    IARC           International Agency for Research on Cancer
    IGF            insulin-like growth factor
    i.m.           intramuscular
    i.p.           intraperitoneal
    IPCS           International Programme on Chemical Safety
    i.v.           intravenous

    JECFA          Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives
    JMPR           Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues

    LC50           lethal concentration, median
    LD50           lethal dose, median

    m3             cubic meter
    M              male
    MAO            monoamine oxidase
    MEL            minimum effect level
    MRL            maximum residue limit

    NADPH          nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (reduced)
    Neg.           negative
    NOAEL          no-observed-adverse effect level
    NOEL           no-observed-effect level
    ng             nanogram
    NTP            National Toxicology Program (USA)

    p              pico
    PBI            protein-bound iodine
    PEG            polyethylene glycol
    p.o.           per os (by mouth)
    ppb            parts per billion
    ppm            parts per million

    rbSTs          recombinant bovine somatotropins
    RIA            radioimmunoassay

    s.c.           subcutaneous
    SCE            sister chromatid exchange
    SGOT           serum glutamate-oxalatetransaminase
    SGPT           serum glutamate-pyruvatetransaminase

    t             half-reaction time
    TLC            thin layer chromatography

    UDS            unscheduled DNA synthesis

    WHO            World Health Organization
    w/v            weight by volume
    w/w            weight by weight

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