ANNEX  2


    ADI               acceptable daily intake
    ALAT              alanine aminotransferase

    BPA               burst promoting activity
    bw                body weight

    CAP               chloramphenicol
    CHO               Chinese hamster ovary
    CSF               colony stimulating factor
    C3                complement 3
    C3c               complement 3c
    C                degrees celsius

    DMSO              Dimethylsulfoxide
    DNA               deoxyribonucleic acid

    FAO               Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
    F1                filial generation, first
    F2                filial generation, second

    g                 gram

    HPLC              high performance liquid chromatography

    IARC              International Agency for Research on Cancer
    IC50              inhibitory concentration, median
    IgG               Immunoglobin G
    IgM               Immunoglobin M
    i.m.              intramuscular
    i.v.              intravenous

    JECFA             Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives

    LDH               lactic dehydrogenase
    LD50              lethal dose, median

    M                 molar
    g                microgram
    mg                milligram
    MIC               minimum inhibitory concentration
    ml                milliliter

    NOEL              no-observed-effect level
    NTP               National Toxicology Program (USA)

    PMNL              polymorphonuclear lymphocytes
    po                per os (by mouth)

    RiBM              immortalized lymphoblastoid cell line derived from
                        human bone marrow
    rRNA              ribosomyl ribonucleic acid
    rT3               reverse triiodothyronine

    SCE               sister chromatid exchange
    s.c.              subcutaneous

    T3                triiodothyronine
    T4                tetraiodothyronine (thyroxine)
    TAT               tryosine aminotransferase
    tmax              time to maximum value
    TSH               thyroid stimulating hormone

    UDS               unscheduled DNA synthesis

    v/v               volume by volume

    WBC               white blood cell count
    WHO               World Health Organization

    >                 greater than or equal to
    =                 equals
    >                 greater than
    <                 less than
    X                 multiplied by
                     plus or minus

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