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VOL.: 27 (1982) (p. 63)

CAS No.: 90-04-0
Chem. Abstr. Name: Benzenamine, 2-methoxy-

ortho-Anisidine hydrochloride
CAS No.: 134-29-2
Chem. Abstr. Name: Benzenamine, 2-methoxy-, hydrochloride

CAS No.: 104-94-9
Chem. Abstr. Name: Benzenamine, 4-methoxy-

para-Anisidine hydrochloride
CAS No.: 20265-97-8
Chem. Abstr. Name: Benzenamine, 4-methoxy-, hydrochloride

5. Summary of Data Reported and Evaluation

5.1 Experimental data

ortho-Anisidine hydrochloride was tested in mice and rats by dietary administration. It was carcinogenic in both species, producing transitional-cell carcinomas of the urinary bladder. para-Anisidine hydrochloride, tested in the same way, did not produce carcinogenic effects in mice, and the data in rats were inadequate for evaluation; there is, in addition, some doubt about the nature of the compound tested.

While ortho-anisidine hydrochloride was mutagenic for Salmonella typhimurium, para-anisidine was not. para-Anisidine did not transform morphologically BHK21 cells in culture.

5.2 Human data

ortho-Anisidine has been produced commercially for over 50 years. Its use as an intermediate in the manufacture of dyes, pigments and synthetic guaiacol could result in occupational exposure. para-Anisidine has been produced commercially since at least 1937. Its use as a dye intermediate could result in occupational exposure.

No case report or epidemiological study was available to the Working Group.

5.3 Evaluation

There is sufficient evidence for the carcinogenicity of ortho-anisidine hydrochloride in experimental animals. In the absence of data on humans, ortho-anisidine should be regarded, for practical purposes, as if it presented a carcinogenic risk to humans.

The available data were inadequate to evaluate the carcinogenicity of para-anisidine hydrochloride in experimental animals. No evaluation of the carcinogenicity of para-anisidine to humans could be made.

For definition of the italicized terms, see Preamble Evaluation.

Subsequent evaluations: Suppl. 7 (1987) (p. 57: ortho-Anisidine - Group 2B; para-Anisidine - Group 3); Vol. 73 (1999) (ortho-Anisidine)

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Synonyms for ortho-Anisidine hydrochloride

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Synonyms for para-Anisidine hydrochloride

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