PHOSALONE       JMPR 1975


         At the 1975 Meeting of the CCPR a need was expressed for residue
    limits in the meat of sheep. Information received on usage on sheep
    was reviewed and evaluated in the following addendum, which
    supplements the monograph prepared at the 1972 Meeting.

    Evaluation of residue data

         In a trial undertaken in the UK three short-wooled and three
    long-wooled sheep were dipped under normal farm conditions with an
    aqueous suspension containing 0.04 w/v phosalone. Samples of muscle,
    fat, liver, kidney and heart, examined 7 and 22 days after treatment
    all showed residue levels below 0.05 ppm. Similarly, in Australia six
    recently shorn sheep slaughtered six days after treatment in a shower
    dip (0.04%) using normal procedure were examined, using a GLC method
    of analysis. No residues greater than the 0.02 mg/kg of phosalone
    limit of the analytical method used were found in kidney, liver and
    muscle samples. Fat samples contained up to a maximum of 0.56 mg/kg.

         The validity of these results was checked by analysis of tissues
    following the application of radio tagged phosalone to two sheep.

         In the light of these reports the following additional maximum
    residue limits were recommended:

    Recommendations for residue limits

                                  Tolerance mg/kg

         Meat of sheep            0.05*

         Fat of meat of sheep     0.5

    * At or about the limit of determination for residues in meat.

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