CAPTAFOL    JMPR 1974


         The 1974 Meeting of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues
    referred to the Joint Meeting a question as to whether the temporary
    tolerances for captafol on apricots (0.5 mg/kg) and plums (0.2 mg/kg)
    reflect good agricultural practices (Alinorm 74/24, para. 57). The
    recommended temporary tolerances derive from recommendations of the
    1969 JMPR (FAO/WHO, 1970) and were based on residue data submitted for
    USA use patterns in which applications to apricots and plums were made
    102 and 141 days pre-harvest respectively. Comments from the
    Netherlands to the 1974 JMPR point out that late season foliar sprays
    are permitted in other countries.



         It should be noted that information was available to the 1969
    JMPR that use patterns in the commodity class "fruits" included use up
    to harvest and data were provided for late season use on other stone
    fruits, including peaches and sour cherries. Data on late season
    application to apricots and plums have still not been made available
    to the 1974 JMPR. However, it would be reasonable to conclude that
    residues likely to occur from late season uses on apricots and plums
    would not exceed the present recommended temporary tolerances of 15
    mg/kg on peaches and 10 mg/kg on sour cherries. The 1974 JMPR can
    therefore recommend that the present temporary tolerances of 0.5 mg/kg
    on apricots and 0.2 mg/kg on plums be increased to 15 mg/kg on
    apricots and 10 mg/kg on plums.


    TEMPORARY TOLERANCES                    mg/kg

         Apricots                           15

         Plums                              10

         The preceding recommendations for temporary tolerances replace
    those made in 1969.


    FAO/WHO (1970). 1969 Evaluations of some pesticide residues in food.
    FAO/PL/1969/M/17/1; WHO/Food Add./70.38.

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