ENDRIN        JMPR 1975


         At the 1975 meeting of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues
    questions were raised about a possible inconsistency between
    previously recommended maximum limits of 1 mg/kg for endrin in poultry
    fat and 0.2 mg/kg in eggs as well as about the nature of the studies
    on which the recommendations were based (Alinorm 76/24/para 112).


         In response to an earlier, similar question from the Codex
    Committee on Pesticide Residues, the 1974 Joint Meeting reviewed and
    confirmed the maximum limits of 1 mg/kg and 0.2 mg/kg for endrin in
    poultry fat and eggs, respectively, and the Meeting further
    recommended a limit of 0.1 mg/kg in fat of meat.

         The basis for these recommendations was a thorough re-examination
    of previously submitted data on supervised trials related to
    controlled feeding studies which were considered still to be valid. In
    recognizing the desirability of reducing endrin tolerances whenever
    possible, the 1974 Meeting noted that information on usage of endrin
    worldwide especially in situations that could possibly lead to
    residues in animal feeding was fragmentary, but concluded that the
    established limits were appropriate in view of still existing endrin
    uses in various countries. The Meeting recognized that endrin residues
    in animals are transient when compared to the related compound
    dieldrin and several other organachlorine compounds.

         Indications of a continued phasing-out of uses of endrin were
    brought to the attention of the Meeting, but as these are conflicting
    and as no further data were provided, the Meeting confirmed the views
    expressed in 1974.


    Alinorm 76/24, Para 112

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