PYRETHRINS      JMPR 1974


         The 1974 Meeting of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues
    adopted a temporary tolerance of 3 mg/kg for pyrethrins on peanuts
    although no proposal from JMPR was available. It was assumed that this
    was an omission as pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide are usually used
    in combination and JMPR had proposed a tolerance for piperonyl


         The proposed temporary tolerance for piperonyl butoxide dates
    from the 1966 JMPR (FAO/WHO, 1967). In the chapter on piperonyl
    butoxide the expression "peanuts and other oil seeds" is used,
    resulting in a tolerance proposal of 8 mg/kg for piperonyl butoxide in
    these crops. As the post-harvest use of pyrethrins on peanuts is
    important and involves the application of 1 mg/kg of pyrethrins, for
    which specific analytical methods are now available, the Meeting
    recommends a specific tolerance of 1 mg/kg in peanuts. It is further
    recommended that the previously proposed temporary tolerances should
    be converted to tolerances.


         Previously recommended temporary tolerances for pyrethrins should
    be confirmed as full tolerances and the following additional tolerance
    should be established.

    TOLERANCE                           mg/kg

     Peanut kernels                     1


    FAO/WHO. (1967) Evaluation of some pesticide residues in food.
    FAO,PL:CP/15; WHO/Food Add./67.32.

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