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VOL.: 53 (1991) (p. 251)


CAS No.: 52918-63-5


CAS No.: 64363-96-8

5. Summary of Data Reported and Evaluation

5.1 Exposure data

Deltamethrin is a highly active contact insecticide. It was first marketed in 1977 and is used mostly on cotton and on crops such as coffee, maize, cereals, fruit, vegetables and hops. It is also used in public health programmes and for the protection of stored crops.

Deltamethrin has been formulated as solutions, concentrates, granules, powders and aerosols, alone and in combination with other pesticides.

Exposure can occur during its production and application and, at much lower levels, from the consumption of food containing residues.

5.2 Carcinogenicity in humans

No data were available to the Working Group.

5.3 Carcinogenicity in experimental animals

Deltamethrin was tested for carcinogenicity in one experiment in mice and in one experiment in rats by oral administration. In mice, no increase in tumour incidence was seen. In rats, a statistically significant increase in the incidence of unspecified thyroid adenomas was observed in low-dose males and high-dose females.

5.4 Other relevant data

No data were available on the genetic and related effects of deltamethrin in humans.

Deltamethrin induced micronuclei and chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow and abnormal sperm morphology in mice treated in vivo. The only other indication of genotoxic potential was induction of chromosomal aberrations in plants.

5.5 Evaluation

No data were available from studies in humans.

There is inadequate evidence for the carcinogenicity of deltamethrin in experimental animals.

Overall evaluation

Deltamethrin is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans (Group 3).

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